13 Feb 2023

Top tips on birth debriefing from Mixing Up Motherhood


Birth debriefing is a process of reflecting on the childbirth experience, in which a woman and her partner can discuss their feelings, thoughts, and experiences of the birthing process. This may involve talking to a midwife or other trained professional and can help couples to process their emotions and understand their experience in a safe and supportive environment.


Illiyin Morrison from Mixing Up Motherhood, who is one of our experts shares some of her top tips on birth debriefing:


1.  Find a practitioner that you relate to, if you decide to go private rather thanNHS.


2.  Jot some notes down, things that you want answering or clarity on.


3.  Be open and honest, anyone who is facilitating this experience for you, is there to hear and support you.


4. If your partner is willing, invite them to come along, they may have things they also want to share but also, them hearing you share your experience with a third party present can be really helpful.


Thank you for your tips and sharing this with our community Illiyin.


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